At Dr. Harris's office, we recognize that, for many patients, a visit to the dentist is associated with feelings of anxiety. In an effort to address dental anxiety, Dr. Harris and his staff maintain a relaxed, friendly office atmosphere. The majority of our staff have been with Dr. Harris's practice for many years. This means that you will see the same smiling faces whenever you visit us.

Our treatment rooms have a panoramic view of the Virginia countryside, a unique feature which many clients find relaxing.We also offer TVs in each treatment room.

Finally, our techniques are designed to maximize patient comfort. In addition to Dr. Harris's reputation for giving virtually painless injections, we provide various methods of sedation. These methods range from Nitrous Oxide ("Laughing Gas"), to conscious sedation.

Most importantly, we listen to the patients concerns before we begin any procedure, answer your questions, and respond to your needs accordingly.