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How ZOOM Teeth Whitening Can Help Renew Your Smile

How ZOOM teeth whitening from your Warrenton dentist can help renew your smile!

Do you want to have a dazzling, white smile again? Do you want to get rid of the yellowing and staining on your teeth that comes with Teeth Whiteningaging? If you want to renew your smile and look younger, it’s time for a ZOOM whitening treatment, the newest state-of-the-art way to get the bright smile you deserve. It’s time to call Dr. Jeffrey Harris, in Warrenton, Virginia, your cosmetic dentist and ZOOM whitening expert.

ZOOM whitening is unlike any other whitening treatment. If you’ve tried one of the over-the-counter whitening pastes, rinses or strips and found the results less than spectacular, don’t worry! ZOOM whitening results are mesmerizing and you won’t be disappointed. According to the Phillips ZOOM whitening website, ZOOM whitening is:

  • Named the “most effective” teeth whitening treatment by Women’s Health
  • #1 “most requested” patient whitening treatment in the US
  • 99% of patients experience little or no sensitivity with ZOOM

Home whitening treatments can take several days or weeks to brighten your smile. They can be inconvenient for any busy person. Zoom whitening can brighten your smile up to eight shades whiter in about an hour. This makes it the perfect choice for people who want a dramatically whiter smile in a short amount of time.

Your ZOOM whitening treatment with Dr. Harris will include a patented whitening solution placed on your teeth. A special LED lamp is used, which heightens the effect of the ZOOM solution. The result is a beautiful, younger, whiter smile!

Dr. Harris will whiten your smile, and recommend the tools to help you keep it white, including home touch-up kits or whitening pens. He will also let you know how often to get a touch-up ZOOM whitening treatment.

If you want a younger, brighter, whiter smile, it’s time to check out ZOOM whitening. It’s time to call Dr. Jeffrey Harris, in Warrenton, Virginia, and book your treatment. Find out how ZOOM teeth whitening can help renew your smile by calling today!

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