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What is "tongue tied"?

Is there such thing as being “tongue-tied”?

tongue tied in Warrenton, VAMany suffer in silence the multiple difficulties which derive from having a tongue which cannot move freely. For all the infants who cannot suck, toddlers who cannot chew, children who cannot speak properly.

The premise that tongue tie is not ‘per se' a medical problem or a cause of speech difficulty has been challenged. It is no longer accepted that only those ties severe enough to lead to undernourishment, or to prevent pronunciation of tongue tip sounds, are significant. Opinion varies regarding how frequently ankyloglossia indeed causes problems. Some professionals trust that it is rarely symptomatic, whereas others believe it is associated with a variety of challenges. The disagreement among experts was documented

There are several options available when a tongue tie has been assessed and found to be restricting movement (i.e. when the frenum - the string that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth - is recognized to be abnormal). Such a condition requires surgical correction by an appropriate professional skilled to fix this issue.

There are different types of intervention for ankyloglossia. There is a traditional belief that people with ankyloglossia can compensate in their speech for a restricted tongue range of motion. E.g. if the tip of the tongue is restricted for making sounds such as /n, t, d, l/, the tongue can compensate through decentralization; this is when the tip of the tongue moves forward and up. When producing /r/, elevation of the mandible can compensate for restriction of tongue movement. Also, compensations can be made for /s/ and /z/ by using the dorsum of the tongue for contact against the palatal rugae.

There are ways of tackling this issue, that can most likely be fixed by your dentist.  If you child is tongue-tied, please visit our Appointment Request form at our Warrenton dental office today!

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