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Are bubbly drinks harmful to your teeth?

dental office in warrenton, vaWith the holidays about to get into full swing, many people will have champagne and other bubbly drinks. Bubbly drinks are making into our society as beverages that are popular among the public. Are you aware that carbonated water gets its fizz from carbon dioxide? This chemical reaction in your mouth converts CO2 into carbonic acid, not just giving the drink a zesty, tangy, refreshing bite but also making it more acidic.

That's where the potential for dental erosion kicks in because the acid in drinks and foods can, in fact,  wear away your dental enamel. Sparkling water is far less acidic than orange juice or a soft drink, but it's more acidic than plain water, Romo said.

That could be an issue if you're used too frequently reaching for your favorite effervescent water throughout the day. If you're sipping and keeping that acidic drink in your mouth and swishing around every time you sip, and if you do this often, few times a day, then that's probably a wrong kind of behavior and it will be then lead to tooth wear.

Beware that if you like to add lime or lemon juice to your fizzy water, it makes it even more acidic. But it also varies on how you drink it. If holding the drink in the mouth for several seconds and tasting before swallowing. Researchers found that the longer a drink remain in the mouth, the more significant the pH drop in that person’s oral cavity. This also means that the more acidic the mouth becomes. But if you drink through a straw the drink goes straight to the back of your mouth, and there’s less opportunity for damage.

Bubbly drinks, as with everything, are wonderful in moderation.  If you have any questions for a dentist, don't hesitate to Contact Us today and to schedule a comfortable and convenient dental appointment in Warrenton, VA.

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