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New Methods to Prevent Tooth Decay

The days of sitting through painful dental procedures just to treat and prevent tooth decay may fortunately soon be long gone. That's right. Leading dentists and a team of experts have been working on some creative, high-tech new methods to prevent tooth decay that could provide the answer for pain-free fillings. In fact, this new method of tooth decay prevention does not cause any pain at all. Here is a brief look at the two step process currently being worked on by dental professionals.

What It Is

Known as Electrically Accelerated and Enhanced Remineralization (EAER), this gentle treatment is being developed at King's College London and is said to possibly be available at dentist's offices worldwide sometime in the next few years.

How It Works

EAER is a two-step remineralizing/filling process. The 1st step involves the preparation of the teeth, while the 2nd step uses electric currents to push minerals into the repair site without the need for drilling. There is seemingly no pain involved, but the patient may experience a bit of discomfort or a tingly sensation during the procedure.

The Benefits

The obvious benefit of EAER is that is does not cause any pain, but there are other benefits that come along with this treatment. For example, patients will no longer need to worry about being affected by toxins that are often times associated with mercury amalgam fillings.

Even now, dental procedures are mostly painless due to advances in anesthesia and other technology, but the dental industry is soon to be revolutionized by this new innovation. If you are someone who dreads those dentist visits, this treatment might just be what you have been hoping for. It's recommended you discuss EAER and other dental advancements with your dentist to get an idea of which treatments will work best for you. You may be pleasantly surprised just how far modern dentistry has come in the past couple of years.

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