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How To Care for Your Dental Crowns

If you have recently benefited from a dental crown procedure you will need to know how to maintain your new tooth to ensure its longevity. New crown owners can make these common mistakes and may hurt themselves or damage their crown in the process. Once you learn how to care for your dental crown you will be able to have your tooth and eat with it, too. Dr. Jeffery Harris has compiled a list for you, new crown owners, so you can understand how to properly care for your new teeth. You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Harris at our office in Warrenton, VA, where you can receive crowns or any other necessary dental treatment.

Dental Crown Care

Your Crown Can't Eat Everything

One of the most important things to remember is that your crown is not as strong as your original teeth. You might not be able to eat hard foods because your crown could crack. You'll also need to look out for sugary foods because they can erode your crown and the surrounding gums. Making conscious decisions about what and how you eat will protect your crown and maintain your healthy new smile!

Don't Hurt Your Crown with Bad Habits

Whether it's smoking, grinding your teeth, or chewing your nails, these bad habits weaken your crown and hurt your teeth. Prevent your crown from snapping under pressure by kicking these habits now. It'll save your dental health in the long run.

A Night Guard Could Be a Savior

Nightguards prevent your teeth from grinding against each other at night. Speak with your Warrenton dentist, Dr. Harris, about potential night guard options for you.

Deal With Your Damage ASAP

Dental crowns can break, even if you do follow these tips to a tee. If your crown does fail, you should visit your dentist right away to get it repaired. Doing so promptly will prevent further injury to your mouth.

Maintain a Healthy Dental Routine

Even without crowns, you should visit your dentist twice a year for check-ups and cleanings. As long as you maintain brushing twice a day and flossing once a day, your crown is in a healthy position.

If you have any questions about your crown, call us today to schedule a crown consultation. Our number is (540) 347-2777, or you can visit our office in Warrenton, VA. Dr. Harris can maintain any crown you carry.

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