Smile Makeovers

Imagine the total transformation of your smile . . . With a smile makeover, any problem can be resolved.

  • Missing teeth can be replaced with bridges, dentures or implant restoration.
  • Tooth size, shape, color, length and width can be changed with veneers or crowns.
  • Yellow, stained teeth can be whitened take-home trays or bonding.
  • Chipped, worn, broken teeth can be restored with crowns or veneers.
  • Ugly metal fillings can be replaced with tooth-colored restorations.
  • Gapped, crooked or overlapped teeth can be straightened with porcelain veneers. Without metal braces.
  • A gummy smile can be gently contoured with lasers.
  • Short teeth can be lengthened

What's even more amazing is the time it takes to complete a smile makeover: even the most dramatic change can be made in two to three comfortable visits.

A smile makeover can take years from your appearance, turning back time. It can boost your confidence, increase your self-esteem and improve your health and comfort. It can totally change your life.

Ask Dr. Jeff Harris about your smile makeover today!

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